We are the South’s most award winning sauce and company out of Charlotte, NC!

Since being founded in late 2008 by Chef Chad Lowcock, we’ve been awarded just under 150 Local, Regional & International awards for our line of food inspired products.

At Race City Sauce Works we feel that creativity and uniqueness are the keys to any successful product.

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Feel The Burn

Seven Pepper Srircha

Our biggest award winner over the past couple of years winning Best of Show in Texas and numerous awards at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Not like your traditional “Rooster” style sauce that you’ve known for years; we went in the direction of a traditional Thai style condiment with a few unique twists.

Green Fairy Absinthe & Herb

The words unique and imaginative just would not do this award winning sauce justice.  How can you describe a sauce using the mythical liquor Absinthe? What flavors would it release upon the tongue?

Moonshine/Black Cherry BBQ Sauce

 Just as simple as it can get with BBQ. Fresh black cherries soaked in some good old Appalachian Moonshine, caramelized onions, smoked tomatoes and just a touch of cracked black pepper give this not so traditional BBQ sauce a flavor that can’t be matched.

Our Flagship Sauce!

98 Octane

Our flagship sauce and one of our most award winning. Styled in the traditional Southern style with a couple exceptions. We use only aged cider vinegar, a fresh blend of ghost and habanero chiles, roasted and cracked black peppercorns, and sweet roasted garlic.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Deadwood California Taco Sauce

Thick chunks of roasted garlic, roasted red jalapenos, fresh herbs and just a hint of robust chipotle pepper for a hint of sweet smoke. We created this sauce not just for tacos, but burgers, meatloaf and pork chops.

Deadwood Eulogy Verde Taco Sauce

For whatever reason, people have come up with the assumption that green is spicy, well this is one green sauce that is smooth as silk.

Carolina Reserve

The sauce that started it all! Lightly smoked habanero chiles, cayenne and ancho chiles, sweet raisins, sweet potatoes, aged cider vinegar and spices.

Set Your Taste Buds On Fire

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